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Every Effort You Make Towards Your Health Counts!

The Day After… Today is Black Friday… many people are out shopping with the masses! I want to encourage you to make wise choices regarding your health. Take a walk today or make a food choice that is better for you. The little changes can make a big difference in the end. Every effort you […]

Success is the Sum of Small Efforts Repeated Daily!

My friends- Remember that success is the sun of small efforts repeated daily! The little things we do to improve our lives will make a big impact in the end. Stay healthy and keep up the good work! Dr. Torres, MD CEO and Founder of Forever Young MD

“Fall”In Love With Essential Oils- Part I

The practice of Aromatherapy is based on Essential Oils and means “treatment using scents”. Essential Oils improve your Physical and Emotional Health. You can create these beneficial blends by using a diffuser or by simply placing the essential oils on a tissue. FALL TREAT 3 drops “Wild Orange” (uplifts mind & emotions, creates warmth. Effective […]

We Cannot Change Others… But We Can Change US!

Observation How many times have you met people who are constantly criticizing and judging others? I have observed that many times, those people are very insecure. They gain their security by putting other people down. Be an Inspiration I hope the only feedback I give is to inspire and produce growth towards something greater. Life […]

Secrets of Super Healthy People!

Training for the Body There are so many ways we can train the body. Do something fun that you enjoy, that way, working out is not “work” but fun! Exercise should calm the mind and relieve stress. Cardio strengthening and conditioning helps boost the immune system. Take Good Care of Your Mouth Brush your teeth […]